Continuous availability

Hypertec BCDR prides itself in the quality of its infrastructures. Hypertec BCDR designs and operates its security and telecommunication systems to maintain continuous availability within its work areas. In addition, as part of Hypertec’s general commitment to quality, each and every one of Hypertec’s facilities strictly adheres to the industry’s best policies and procedures.


Hypertec BCDR’s redundant network infrastructure is both multi-homed and physically diverse.

From a capacity perspective, the network backbone contains infrastructures that are at the forefront of telecommunications technology and capable of handling any sized customer with a high level of flexibility and upgradeability.

From a redundancy perspective, Hypertec maintains a relationship with numerous telecommunications service providers with a significant onsite presence and entering through redundant fiber and copper conduits towards redundant Meet-Me Rooms within its facilities. This provides the customer with the flexibility of having its own dedicated telecommunication choice installed within the site or, in the alternative, availing itself of benefit from Hypertec’s redundant Internet service.


The security within Hypertec BCDR’s recovery centres is multi-layered and designed in accordance with the highest industry recognized standards.

Physical Security

Security guards are available 24/7/365 to accord access to the facility and to ensure the authentication of each and every facility user by requiring a Hypertec access card and a signature in the Hypertec log to gain access the site;

Controlled Access

Proximity access card readers further authenticate and record the activity at each and every security checkpoint. Records of these activities are maintained for a period of 1 year;

Video Surveillance Network

Closed circuit cameras with digital video recorders monitor and archive the activities within the data centre, work areas, common areas and parking zones on a 24/7/365 basis. Movement of equipment and personnel is consistently monitored, strictly controlled with records maintained for a period of 90 days.


Whether it is for a disaster lasting weeks or for routine maintenance on a server lasting a few hours, working in a disaster recovery site can be stressing. For that reason, Hypertec BCDR designs its recovery centres with all of the following amenities to render the customer experience at the site as pleasant as possible:

Conference Rooms

The rooms are generally available in sizes varying from 6 to 25 people with Polycom conference telephones and projectors available upon request. These rooms can be used for any type of meeting or presentation. Each and every conference room is equipped with generator backed power ensuring its availability regardless of the circumstances.

Lounge Rooms

The lounge rooms are set up with sofas, lounge tables, coffee makers, mini-fridges and microwaves. In addition, the rooms are generally equipped with a flat screen television with redundant satellite feeds, including all of the news stations to track world activity in the event of a customer declared disaster. Finally, similar to the conference rooms, each and every lounge room is also supported with generator backed power.


The recovery centres are outfitted with large capacity fully-furnished cafeterias and vending machines. Hypertec signs agreements with cafeteria operators to ensure availability during customer disaster declarations and provide optional catering services to customers engaging in recovery exercises.

Free Parking

To avoid the occurrence of any additional delays during customer declared disasters or customer equipment malfunctions, each and every Hypertec recovery centre has ample free 24/7/365 private parking.

Quality Standards

As part of its mission to deliver the utmost quality services to its customers, there are periodic internal audits performed to ensure the quality and reliability of Hypertec’s services including but not limited to physical security audits, logical security audits and third party supplier audits.

From a recovery services perspective, Hypertec continuously audits its services internally by simulating mock disasters and analyzing response times and the effectiveness of its recovery teams.