How well can an organization
function without its personnel?

No matter how much technology has automated processes and reduced human intervention for ‘day-to-day’ operations, organizations continue to rely heavily on the availability of their people to carry on their businesses. Hypertec BCDR is strongly positioned to ensure that mission critical ‘people’ maintain access to the work environment, telecommunications and IT resources necessary to keep their organization operational during and after a disaster.

Work Area Recovery

For the purposes of the User Recovery services offered by Hypertec BCDR, the term ‘user’ refers to a critical employee within the client organization whose absence will directly have an impact on the well-being of the company. From the loss of an order entry clerk that can create costly delays relating to invoicing and late delivery to the loss of a payroll manager, whose absence results in unpaid employees, each and every organization possesses critical employees who must continue working in the event of a disaster.

With the availability of both shared and dedicated workstation options, Hypertec’s work area configurations are extremely flexible and capable of replicating a customer’s entire existing work environment. The state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped with large work spaces, lounge rooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, video-conference rooms and data centres. The facilities are supported by technologically advanced generators, physically diverse and redundant voice and data connectivity, along with a 24/7 technical support team to ensure that, if and when a disaster does occur, business continuity shall prove to be seamless not only to an organization’s personnel but also to its customers.

  • Advanced Recovery Facilities

  • Replicated Work Environments

  • Cafeterias & Lounge Rooms

  • Video Conference Rooms

  • Shared & Dedicated Options

Call Center Recovery

As a greater number of organizations adopt customer-focused approaches to maintain competitiveness within a more demanding marketplace and investments in customer support departments increase, inbound call centres have become essential to an organization’s operation. Whether it is in the form of an Internet service provider technical support call centre receiving calls to fix and troubleshoot a residential subscriber’s service or in the form of an international bank credit card fraud division call centre receiving calls to urgently cancel a credit card that has been defrauded, the availability and efficiency of inbound call centres have a direct relationship to the reputation and ultimate success of many organizations.

Hypertec BCDR’s Call Center Recovery service includes all of the necessary physical and logical systems to ensure that, in the event of a failure, in-coming calls will not be met with a ‘busy signal’.

Supported by sophisticated telephony software and a team of telephony professionals, Hypertec is capable of reproducing any type of telephony system regardless of size or complexity to ultimately satisfy the client’s telephony recovery requirements. Hypertec provides a seamless transition for the client’s users and customers, all the while minimizing the recovery time of current operations. Furthermore, the physically diverse and redundant voice and data connectivity through a multi-homed Internet backbone helps ensure the continuity of business in the event of interruptions in service by the Internet service provider.

  • Made-to-Measure

  • State-of-the-Art VoIP Technology

  • User-Friendly

  • Progressive

  • High-Capacity

  • Fully Redundant Telecom Infrastructures

Trader Recovery 

Both the introduction and growth of e-trading and the resulting availability of real-time stock quotes have revolutionized securities trading. What used to be the exclusive reserve of Wall Street brokers in the form of a ticker is now available to anyone, anywhere. The advances in stock trading technology have created a dependency within securities trading firms for up-to-the-second stock data to such a point that in many cases, the absence of access to stock data for even a short period of time can be devastating.

Hypertec BCDR’s Trader Recovery service provides trader-like room configurations with redundant telecommunications and telephony connectivity to avert losing precious hours of trading in the event of a disaster.

Hypertec can custom design a client’s trading floor to such specifications as: quadruple screen workstations, flat-screen televisions with satellite feeds from the major financial news stations, custom telephone configurations, and private conference rooms. Furthermore, with physically diverse and redundant voice and data connectivity through a multi-homed Internet backbone, Hypertec can protect the client’s stock information feeds such as Bloomberg.

  • Trader-Like Room Configurations

  • Multiple Screen Workstations

  • Real-Time Market Data Feeds


  • Redundant Satellite TV Feeds

  • First-Class Amenities

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